Mindfulness and meditation is a business case

Phil Jackson coached M.Jordan, D. Rodman, Shaquille O’Neill, Coby and others from Chicago Bulls. He is responsible for leading those extraordinary talents to the multiple NBA Champions titles!
Dr. Zrinka mit Phil Jackson

But how did he do that? How did he tame and channel the energies of those strong men?

  1. Phil Jackson was an excellent basketball player himself. –> PRACTICED BEFORE HE PREACHED!
  2. Phil Jackson used his intuition / soft skills to tame and channel the Vulcano energies of the great basketball players. –> BODY, MIND & HEART CONNECTION 
  3. He knew exactly when and how to be strong and when and how to be soft to those characters / personalities. –> TRANSFORMATIONAL LEADERSHIP
  4. He knew how to use positive and vibrationally high energy frequency words to build and bond the team, teach them that every player matters with his unique talents and traits –> POSITIVE PSYCHOLOGY, EMPOWERMENT
  5. He introduced meditation, yoga, taichi with the players with just one sentence: “One beat one heart, one heart one mind.” –> HE BROKE THE CONVENTIONS TO CREATE THE EXTRAORDINARY RESULTS.

Phil Jackson & Michael Jordan
Phil Jackson and Michael Jordan (1)
phil jackson and rodman
Phil Jackson and Denis Rodman (2)


Mind & Body connection has been mistakenly refused over decades in the business context. Phil is big on prayer, meditation and silence. Breath controls the mind, the mind the body.

Transformational Leadership never works in the long run, especially not in highly competitive economies with technological advances & a high demand in creative skills. The creative skills means not only being able to draw or make music but above all to find creative solutions to many challenges in the daily business. 

Transactional Leadership might not be dead but it is a short-sighted and very limited type of leadership that leads to exactly this – limited / unsatisfactory results.


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(Titelbild) Dr. Zrinka Fidermuc Maler

(1) Steve Lipofsky www.Basketballphoto.com 

(2) Denis Rodman, Tuomas Venhola, CC BY-SA 1.0, via Wikimedia Commons

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